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Chronic Bad Breath? You May Need to Visit the Dentist

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Also known as halitosis, bad breath can be highly embarrassing. “Morning breath” and similar conditions are common, short-lived, and easy to fix. For some people, though, bad breath can become chronic. If you have stubborn bad breath that is not corrected by brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Bad Breath

There are many factors that can contribute to chronic bad breath. Among the most common causes are:

Gum disease: The majority of adults have some form of gum disease, and it is easy for food particles to become trapped in the pockets surrounding the teeth. Eventually, this debris will decay and begin to smell.

Cavities and cracked fillings: Both conditions leave a hole in the tooth that bacteria and food debris can enter. Like food stuck in the gums, these particles will start to decay, causing unpleasant odors.

Poorly fitted dentures: Dentures that do not fit well or are not cleaned properly allow food to get stuck between the denture and the gums, again leading to the problems of decay and bad smells.

Dry mouth: Saliva is a natural cleanser, and it can help your breath remain fresh between brushings. If you do not produce enough saliva, though, your mouth can develop odors. Many medications, as well as problems with the salivary glands, can cause chronic dry mouth.

Chronic bad breath sometimes indicates a physical illness. If none of the above causes are to blame, you may need to be checked for the following diseases:

  •               Chronic acid reflux
  •               Diabetes
  •               Kidney disease
  •               Liver disease
  •               Oral yeast infection
  •               Respiratory tract infection such as bronchitis
  •               Sinus infection

Treating Chronic Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath is a symptom of another condition, rather than a condition on its own. Therefore, treating the cause will also treat the bad breath. You may need a filling, treatment for gum disease, an antibiotic, a denture adjustment, a medication change, or some other action.

Integrative medicine is a modern treatment approach that brings together different specialists to solve a problem. If your chronic bad breath is due to an illness, your dentist and doctor may work together to reduce the symptoms while treating the disease.

Preventing Bad Breath

Prevention is always easier than treatment, so now is the time to renew your commitment to your oral health. Brush and floss twice each day, and see your dentist twice per year. Make an appointment for any dental work you have been putting off, and make a pledge to face future issues immediately.

Chronic bad breath is never fun, but most cases are relatively easy to fix. Visit your dentist as soon as possible to restore your healthy, fresh-smelling mouth.

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