Dental Bridges in Port Jefferson Station

Porcelain Bridge on Clay Model

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Unfortunately, despite major strides in modern dentistry, missing one or more teeth is still incredibly common. In fact, the ADA (American Dental Association) estimates that the average adult has three missing or highly decayed teeth. A dental bridge can be an excellent choice to replace missing teeth.

There are four main types of dental bridges:

Traditional Dental Bridge

The traditional dental bridge remains the most common type. It requires at least one healthy natural tooth at each end of a span of adjacent missing teeth. The healthy teeth receive crowns, which serve as abutments for a bridge made of pontics, or replacement teeth.

Cantilever Bridge

Similar to a traditional bridge but supported only on one end, a cantilever bridge can be a good choice in certain situations. However, it is more likely to fail than a traditional bridge, because bite forces are distributed to only one tooth instead of two. This increases the risk of the healthy tooth fracturing or loosening.

Implant Supported Bridge

Implant supported bridges have become immensely popular, because they do not require healthy tooth structure to be damaged. Instead, a dental implant is placed on either end of the bridge, and used to secure the abutments. In addition, an implant may be used to support one end of a bridge in a patient that has a healthy tooth at just one end of the span of missing teeth.

Maryland Bridge

A Maryland bridge may be used when dental implants are not an option, but crowning the healthy teeth is not desired. A metal support structure is cemented to the back of the healthy teeth. Although reasonably stable, a Maryland bridge is at higher risk for failure under normal biting and chewing forces. It also puts pressure on the supporting teeth, potentially causing them to shift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will dental insurance pay for bridges?

In most cases, yes. A bridge is a common dental restoration. All insurance policies are different, and some have waiting periods before restorations are covered. Check with your insurer for details.

Are implant supported bridges more expensive than traditional bridges?

Generally, yes. The cost of the dental implants must be factored into the price of the bridge. However, implant supported bridges prevent damage to healthy tooth structure, making it less likely that the adjacent teeth will fail in the future. Financing options can help make an implant supported bridge more affordable.

Is a bridge better than a partial denture?

It depends. A partial denture is a removable option that clasps onto your existing teeth. Many people find partial dentures uncomfortable, and they tend to be less aesthetic than dental bridges. Your dentist will help you decide which option is best for you.

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