Preventive Dentistry in Port Jefferson Station

Closeup of Teeth with Dental Mirror

At the Smile Shack, we are serious about preventive dental care.

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dental cavities or tooth decay is the most prevalent childhood disease, which leads to disease in the later years of life. There have been recent studies showing a strong connection between oral health and overall health.

Preventive medicine has become more important for prevention of disease and lowering your cost of healthcare. Extractions, fillings, and performing root canal therapy may be necessary but more frequent trips to us will lower the chance of that happening. Dr. Shack has been trained with the latest medical and dental education to ensure she provides you with excellent healthcare.

What happens at my first visit to the Smile Shack?

At your first visit or any check-up visit, we review your medical history. If you are taking medications and have medical diseases, we will provide valuable education on how to control your disease and achieve complete health. We then perform an oral examination. In an examination, we do a visual inspection for any abnormalities in any hard (teeth and bone) and soft (gums, cheeks, tongue, roof of your mouth). Studies have shown that many systemic diseases are related to oral health thus it is important to maintain a healthy mouth.

Will x-rays be taken at my visit?

At your fist visit or as needed, we take radiographs (x-rays) to ensure that you have no abnormalities in any existing dental treatment, your gums and bone, and to detect any cavities we may not be able to see visually.

I’m here for my preventive dental care. What else will be done?

When you come for your check-up or preventive care visit, Dr. Shack or our hygienist will clean your teeth. This is a process in which we remove any plaque and tartar (calculus) from your teeth. Over time, plaque may build up and become solid. Special instruments may be used, such as hand instruments (scalers) or an ultrasonic device to remove stubborn tartar. Once all the teeth are free of tartar and plaque, we polish them up for a beautiful shine.

My teeth are sensitive, is there anything we can do?

There may be a few reasons why your teeth are sensitive. Sensitive teeth can be due to deep cavities, which we will be able to detect from your exam and x-rays. It may also be from recession, which is a process due to receding gums. We can offer a series of in-office fluoride treatments over the span of a few months and sensitivity toothpaste that can help. A more permanent solution may be gum surgery to correct the recession.

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