Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Implants and Implant Restorations

  • What are implants and why would I need one?

    Implants are a modern way to replace missing teeth or anchor dentures so they don’t move around when you’re eating. After a tooth is severely decayed, broken or lost due to trauma, we have a few ways to replace that tooth to ensure function and complete overall health.

    After a loss of a tooth or multiple teeth, you lose the ability to chew properly and obtain complete health. Teeth are also drifters thus when there is a space for a period of time, teeth tend to shift forward or backward, potentially collapsing your bite and overall face height. Dr. Shack and her staff are highly trained in diagnosing and treatment planning teeth replacements for you to ensure function and complete health.

  • How is an implant placed?

    Like a hip or knee replacement, a titanium post is placed under the gum. The post is attached to the bone, which gives it security and durability. Over the course of a few months, the post fused to the bone and it is then ready for a crown.

    Dr. Shack works with highly trained and recommended periodontists and oral surgeons to properly and professionally place implants in the right position and right height for excellent longevity and esthetics.

  • After I get the implant placed, how do I get a crown (cap)?

    Usually after a few months of healing and integration of the post to the bone, Dr. Shack will have you come in to take impressions for an abutment (an attachment from the post to the crown) and ultimately a crown (cap). Once everything is custom made to fit only your tooth, Dr. Shack will cement it.

  • How do I take care of my implant?

    Care for implants are just as important as caring for natural teeth. We recommend flossing daily, brushing twice daily, and rinsing with a fluoride rinse every night. We may recommend additional visits with our hygienist to ensure your implant and teeth are well taken care of.

  • How long do implants last?

    Usually implants last a lifetime if it is properly taken care of. We recommend frequent check-up visits to confirm that your implant and teeth are in good health.

  • I’m ready to replace my missing teeth and get healthy! What can I do?

    You can simply call us at (631) 928-7500 to make an appointment and let us take it from there!